Crash index

Crash index Level as of 13th June 2016: 98.81

The HPWMG Financial Crash Index is a proprietary index based on the acceleration (resp. deceleration) of the volatility in financial markets: as can be seen from the chart below, it has rightly indicated the major crises in financial markets over the past 25 years, starting with the stock market crash of October 1987 up until this years Chinese stock market crash.

It can be see in the bottom chart that a drop of our index below 98.20/98.00 has coincided with or warned of major falls (with a variable time lag) of the S&P500 since January 2006 (and conversely a return of our index above this 98.20/98.00 area has coincided with or warned of significant recoveries in the S&P500)





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