Our business model

Focusing on wealth management and outsourcing of all non value added activities are the basic principles of an independent wealth manager.

Due to our reputation and good contacts with most banks, we are able to open accounts in the name of our clients without the client having to introduce himself to the bank.

This means that a new client does not need to leave his bank. We are flexible up to a certain point if a client has a preference for a specific bank. However we have established a close collaboration with excellent custodian banks and for good reasons we have a preference for banks that focus only or mainly on Private Banking.

Our independence provides us and our clients with complete freedom in the selection of investment products, such as funds or structured products, whereas a member of a bank could possibly be influenced to sell in-house products.

Contrary to common belief, an independent asset management company is not more expensive than a bank. Our asset management company charges the investment management and advisory fees instead of the bank, with the custodian only charging administrative and transaction fees.

Finally, we can achieve a critical mass much faster than a bank which must constantly grow to absorb the ever increasing cost of administration, IT and compliance controls. Therefore we can be more selective in our choice of partners and senior staff.