We serve our clients in a

"Family Office" style

The HPWMG platform

Who we are

Horus Partners Wealth Management Group SA works only for a select group of private clients, taking a global perspective of their needs far beyond the limits of conventional wealth management and thus providing highly individual solutions for all the challenges they are facing. The services provided include:

  • Investment and legal advice
  • Asset management
  • Risk management with respect to different countries, business sectors and asset classes
  • Inheritance planning to minimize or avoid fragmentation of the estate and particularly of family undertaking by comprehensive family governance
  • Creating structures, such as funds or trusts

To achieve these goals it is necessary to identify solutions which need not necessarily be “classic” but must take into consideration the future of global economic development as well as the future of the client and his or her family – as far as can be foreseen.

To ensure this, Horus Partners Wealth Management Group SA is structured in such way that every partner and manager has only a limited number of private clients to look after and is well supported by qualified staff. Our business is to be a family office for all our clients and our aim is to provide and maintain an excellent service at the expense of rapid business expansion.